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This blog is dedicated to the work of applied conceptual engineering - a fancy-sounding term that means to say that concepts, like most everything else, can be found, created, adjusted, and critiqued.

The goal is to explore this world of concepts. How are they built? What impacts do they have on our day-to-day living? Articles here are often exploratory, and subject to frequent adjustment from community input. I consider this an open forum. A forum that seeks to ask challenging and critical questions of our existing services and theory.

My aim is to provide signage and guideposts for better understanding the world around us. I don't want to tell how to live or what to value. What I do want is to provide is a better, more accurate guidebook to the concepts you're asked to use every day. 

As I say in my consulting work, what I see far too often in this world is people pulling on doors they're supposed to push to open. My role is to hang the signs that say "push here to open". Such signs, I hope,  can help lead to improved discussion on which doors to venture through. I know I personally feel more comfortable in a world with "improved signage", and that's why I started this blog.

Will leave this About section with a fun example of why concepts can be challenging to design and use. Ever considered how to define what a sandwich actually is?

Chart created by @matttomic

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