Saturday, June 10, 2023

List of Peer Voices Network Articles

February 2024

Early Notes on Challenges and Pitfalls of the "Safe Space" Concept

January 2024

Self-Care: Sometimes Helpful, Sometimes a Tool of Oppression

December 2023

Evidence Against Mental Health First Aid - Not Helpful, Frequently Harmful

November 2023

Trigger Warnings and Suicidality

Other Assorted Important Reads (Resource Gallery)

October 2023

How St. Louis City Staff Could Immediately Raise $440,000 To Support the Homeless

Perfectionism, Liberation Psychology, and Perception Matching Reality

Feedback about Harm Caused is Not "Being Negative"

September 2023

August 2023

What Advocacy Takes and Why We Need to Do It Anyway (Story Gallery)

Performative Non-Commitment DEI Case Study - Boston University School of Public Health

Responsibility Hypocrisy 101

My Critiques of van der Kolk's Bestseller The Body Keeps Score

 July 2023

Draft Thoughts on Professional Defensiveness (Work in Progress)

A Brief Note On Neurodivergent Listening Styles

Words Matter Series: "Feels Like Disrespect" Versus "Was Disrespect"

Why Telling People to "Accept Reality" Can Be Deeply Problematic and Oppressive Phrasing

Lived Experience Inclusion Effectiveness - Literature Review Gallery

Another Update / Overview of the "Peer Inclusion in Health Systems" Movement: Why We Need Support

June 2023

The Concept of Performative Ethics, a Case Study from Mental Health Services

First Attempt at Notes on Imposter Syndrome + Who's Responsible For Distress?

What Is Conceptual Engineering?

Lived Experience Inclusion Project Types Overview (Draft Half-Finished Report In-Progress)

Racism and Sexism Within the Behavioral Science Evidence Base - A Letter to Decision Makers

• Response to "Opioid Addiction is a Disorder of Brain Structure" – Importance of Explaining Neuroscience Accurately

May 2023

• Functional Communication, Disability Rights Theory, and Value-Added Versus Value-Neutral Word Definitions

Advocacy Statement To a Member of the NIH Working Group on Disability

Human Minds Are Unique. Carbon Atoms Aren't. Why That Matters When We Talk About Mental Health Disorders

Holding Individuals, Parents, or Society Accountable When A Child Has No Friends?

Counter-Response to "A Teacher Never Fails, Only You Do"

Latest Draft Attempt at Explaining "What is Gender?"

Letter to Boston University Asking for Co-Empowered Peer Inclusion in Public Health Research and Support Efforts

April 2023

Social Anxiety, Liberation Psychology, and Perception Matching Reality

Social Services Report: Rebuking Individualism, Lack of Effective Services, Medical Racism/Ableism, and Proposed Solutions

March 2023

Response to an Infographic on People Pleasing

Physical Violence and Mental Violence - Which is Really Worse?

Blaming The Distressed Is Distortion of Reality (How to Work in Mental Health Reality, Not Mental Health Mythology)

February 2023

The Hard Truth Of When, Sometimes, Help Does Not Exist (Even Though It Could)

Inclusion Or Tokenism? Response to Washington State's Attempt to Legally Codify Lived Experience Inclusion

Fundraising Barriers at Square Zero

January 2023

A Condition I Have - Hyper Semantic Sensitivity / Semantic OCD

December 2022

What Is The Peer Workforce? What Is a Peer Support Specialist?

The America "Dream" of Children Needing Saving and Parents Deserving Blame

Mental Health Advocacy Resources

If Money Expresses Value Why Does So Much Preventable Suffering Exist?

When Personal Boundaries Fail - Part 1

The Lived Experience Input Gap

November 2022

Yet Another Problematic Example of the Medical Model of Mental Health

The Philosophy Cliff: Why Applied Philosophy Matters ... Sometimes

Moving Beyond The "Effective" or "Ineffective" Dichotomy in Occupational Therapy

Response to the Question of Neuroplasticity

All Stats Lie - Examples of Social Science Data and "Evidence-Based" Failures

Why It's Problematic That Self-Regulation Is The Main Solution On Offer For Emotional Distress

October 2022

Why Words Matter - "Coping Skills"

September 2022

What Does the Term "Language" Mean - On Word Use Disagreement and How to Effectively Handle Such Situations

Critique of "Maladaptive Coping", Emotional Regulation, and Other Related Concepts

August 2022

The Problem is Hermeneutical Injustice and The Solution is Conceptual Engineering

Glossary of Terms

Job Hunting - The Two Things You Need to Demonstrate To Get Hired

The Reality of Interdependence (and why it matters for counseling)

July 2022

Three Ways This Therapist Disrespected Me When Replying to My First Inquiry Email, And Tips For How To Do Better

June 2022

Are Those in Power Themselves Disempowered? Thoughts On Accidental System Entrapment

May 2022

We Need To Talk About Why "We Need More Love" Isn't the Answer

Today's Instance of Myth of Self-Empowerment

Twitter Chatter: History of Labor Conflict Reporting

April 2022

Mental Health: Focusing Beyond the Individual

Analysis and critique of "you don't have to explain yourself" advice

March 2022

Various Ways We Study the Human Mind

Is Pink Real?

February 2022

Who Raises Children?

Why "Trust But Verify" Is Backwards

April 2021

Draft Attempt - What Are Mental Health Disorders

December 2020

Scattered Thoughts on Therapy Supervision and Client Self-Advocacy

Mental Health and Polyvagal Theory and the Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous Systems

August 2020

Essay on Relationship With Self, Others, and Society

July 2020

The Assertive Empathy Game Plan for Conversations

Tips for Calling an Emotional Crisis and/or Suicide Prevention Hotline

Setting Conversation Expectations


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