Sunday, September 10, 2023

Compassion Hijacking - How Objectively Faulty World Views Are Used To Justify Oppression

Initial first draft notes.

One thing too, I don't know how true or not (some of these people seem like truly callous fucks), is something I've been calling Compassion Hijacking.

I think at least some of them genuinely believe in the world view of "hard work pays off" and base their morality on a completely delusional view that the poor truly are lazy little shits, that unchecked market forces are in the best interests of mankind, etc. I call it compassion hijacking because, if their world view were true, the calculus on compassion would be a little different. Context matters when considering accountability, empathy, etc. Even then, there's something to the notion of doing more in response to suffering and a basic "even the so-called lazy surely don't deserve that level of punishment".

Anyway, is a model I've been working on.

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