Saturday, October 14, 2023

Feedback about Harm Caused is Not "Being Negative"

PSA. There is a difference between "that's won't work for you" and "just to note, that thing that someone else is calling "maybe" or "probably" help has also been hurtful to lots of people while helping some others and at times even has objective problems worth noting".  It can be true that things intended as help do help some but actively harm others, and it's a huge problem and ethical concern when we talk about only the help and never the hurt. And make no mistake - feedback about harm is constantly attacked with prejudice, hate, and rhetoric up to an including "stop being so negative".

Feedback about harm is not negativity in the sense of "wrongfully too dour". It's a sad but very real, and empowering discussion of real harms and refusal to let them be silent.

It is valid if talk of harm is hard to read. It is also valid that "you can't about harm" is, itself a form of harm.

Why is hearing the harm about others so offensive? Something to maybe to some introspection on without saying there's any right or wrong way to handle it. Complex topic.

I will say, I come from the DEI world where there is so much pearl clutching about things like "talk about racism is harming me!!!!", and we could draw parallels to reactions to discussion about sanism (prejudice against emotional distress).

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