Thursday, November 16, 2023

Other Assorted Important Reads (Resource Gallery)

Work in Progress. Collection of unsorted articles/links/resources I am constantly citing and sending to people.

Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome

For many women, feeling like an outsider isn’t an illusion — it’s the result of systemic bias and exclusion. by Ruchika Tulshyan and Jodi-Ann Burey

I don’t want a seat at your table: co-production in mental health services

I Almost Didn’t Graduate High School Because My School Wouldn’t Change a Light Bulb

Despite how much I wanted to be there, my body couldn’t handle the classroom, and I had to ask for an accommodation. I asked my guidance counselor if I could have an accommodation for this problem, and I was told that Stanton doesn’t do accommodations “for the integrity of the program.”

The War on Suicide Is Making Things Worse

Police are not primarily crime fighters, according to the data

Combatting the Resilience Narrative

Learn About the Harm of the “Resilience” Narrative

Michelle Owens, DO, says the term “resilience” “has been thrown around flippantly in relation to the physician community” during the COVID-19 pandemic. She believes the use of the term – and what it implies – is damaging to her profession. 

Grace Yung - Challenging the Resilience Paradigm

Combatting the Horrors of Offering Therapy as a "cure" for Sociocultural Failures to Provide

The strength of the ‘UnRecovery Star’ is being used as a teaching tool, in order to highlight social inequalities that exist and are still prominent in society, and helping students make those links to the causes of mental distress. The ‘UnRecovery Star’ clarifies that people’s problems are not merely individual problems rooted in something wrong with an individual person such as a faulty brain, genetic abnormality, or faulty personality. The ‘UnRecovery Star’ clarifies that humans are social beings and that the determinants of distress are to be found in families, communities, wider society, and social policies. The value of the ‘UnRecovery Star’ is that it demonstrates that we need to not just pay attention to distressed people, but deal with the problems that exist in communities and wider society, that mental health is a profoundly political issue.

A call for psychologists and career counselors to be aware of its role in reproducing unequal and unjust working conditions

Can't Work Under Current Conditions

Guardian article - Disabled people must work from home to do ‘their duty’, says UK minister

“Everyone should be able to work if they want to and can, but this latest government move looks sets to punish disabled people, adding more anxiety on to disabled households that are already struggling.”

Twitter Thread

"I would love, more than anything to have a meaningful paid role but really not at the expense of my well-being and happiness"

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