Tuesday, January 3, 2023

A Condition I Have - Hyper Semantic Sensitivity / Semantic OCD

January 3, 2023

To be continued. Leaving here to show I coined the term.

July 16, 2023 Update

Since I linked this from another article, will try to explain a bit that I invented this set of terms as a way to explain that I, as a condition, become intensely uncomfortable with words and cannot help but sense and see how they're imperfect tools. This also does not mean that I need the world to be perfect. That's, of course, an unrealistic ask. What it does mean is that it's much harder for me to "just let go" or ignore issues semantics and wording cause, especially the more glaring and problematic they are.

I also do incredibly poorly when others wave away the issues versus trying to respect and at least slightly accommodate it, similar to any other disability. Even just acknowledging "oh, true, words are imperfect and wow does that cause problems" is super helpful. Demanding that your word use is correct, or that it's "not a big deal" is intensely disabling and triggering for me. I literally cannot unsee or "just let go". If you can, that's a privilege and possibly even a blissful ignorance? I'm not mad at that, but I am mad when I'm held to your standard versus trying to meet halfway and accommodate my condition, versus asking that I conform to your personal comfort level of how to use language. 

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